FI & SE CH,SE TCH Web's Heidrun Hatanga 

wirehaired kaninchen female

b. 19.12.2016

breeder. Ulla Saarenmaa and Matti Saarenmaa

pedigree. http://jalostus.kennelliitto.fi/frmKoira.aspx?RekNo=FI13853%2F17&R=148.11 

health. eyes clear, knees 0/0


BOB puppy, HP and group 2 puppy, 2x BOB, 1xBOS, 1xCACIB, 3xCAC, 2x res-CAC


working ability test for miniature dachshunds, PIKA1 29.10.17,

Swedish bloodtracking champion (SE TCH) 8.8.18

Tequila almost 5 mo :)