28. heinä, 2019


At Pori int. today under judge Kristiina Ahlberg

Kaninchen wire

*Baltiyskiy Talisman TipTop "Toti" first time in junior class, the grass itched little paws and still he got it!
EXC1, CQ, CAC, BM1 and BOS. 

* FI&SE CH, SE TCH Web's Heidrun Hatanga "Tequila" EXC1 and i'm sooo proud of my little lady  she was so professional today, just like princesses should!

Miniature wire

*Web's EskShaman Elmus "Mojito" EXC1, CQ, CAC, CACIB, BM1 and BOS, like always, Mojito tells everyone that he is most handsome boy in the whole world and he is 

i'm so thankful and proud