SHAMAN® is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers, and offers the opportunity to influence data processing.

With this register statement, we inform our customers about the processing of their personal data. The customer must accept the terms of this privacy statement in order to use SHAMAN® services.

We use data:

To deliver an easy-to-use and secure service

To provide a fair and helpful customer experience

To improve product recommendations and marketing

For the development of customer service and online shopping

You can find our privacy statement here!

1. Register statement

Personal Data Act (523/99) Section 10

Date of preparation 1 July 2023

1.1. Registrar


+35840 36 990 63

Finland / Finland

Company ID: 1557469-9

1.2. Responsible for registry matters


+35840 36 990 63

1.3. Registry name

SHAMAN® online store user register

1.4. Purpose of processing personal data (purpose of use of the register)

The personal data stored in the user register of the SHAMAN® online store is used to manage customer relations, to handle contacts, for marketing purposes and for other purposes related to online services.

Personal data is used:

To maintain the customer

For delivery, processing and archiving of orders

for the development of SHAMAN® operations and services

To improve the customer experience

For analytics and statistical purposes

To produce more personalized targeted content and marketing

To prevent abuses

To provide better customer service

Information is processed based on the customer relationship between the customer and SHAMAN®, the contract, the use of the site, the customer's separate express consent or legal obligations.

1.5. Data content of the register

The register collects basic information about the registered, such as:

- name

- address

- phone

- email

- information about the order

- order delivery tracking information

1.6. Regular sources of information

The registrar registers the information about the user of the SHAMAN® online store that the user provides when using the website.

1.7. Regular data transfers and data transfer outside the EU or the European Economic Area

No regular disclosure of data to third parties. No data transfers outside the EU or EEA.

1.8. Principles of registry protection

The data of the user register of the SHAMAN® online store is stored in the system of the registrar, which is protected by the security software of the operating system. Access to the system requires entering a username and password. The system is also protected by firewalls and other technical means. Only certain, predefined employees of the registrar can access and have the right to use the information contained in the register stored in the system. The information contained in the register is located in locked and guarded premises.

1.9. The registrant's right of refusal

The registered person has the right to prohibit the data controller from processing information about him/her for direct advertising, remote sales and other direct marketing as well as market and opinion research as well as personal registry and genealogy. The ban must be made in writing and addressed to the persons responsible for registry matters.

1.10. The registrant's right of inspection

The registered person has the right to check the personal information stored in the register and to receive copies of it. The inspection request must be made in writing and addressed to the person responsible for registry matters.

1.11. Correction of information

The controller corrects, deletes or completes personal data in the register that is incorrect, unnecessary, incomplete or outdated in terms of the purpose of the processing, on its own initiative or at the request of the data subject. The registered person must contact the person responsible for the registry affairs of the registrar in order to correct the information.