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Delivery terms in brief:

1. Products have a 14-day free return right. 14 days are counted from when the customer physically receives the product.

2. The delivery time for products in stock is 2 to 5 working days. If the ordered product is exceptionally out of stock, the customer will be notified immediately. If the customer cannot be reached, the order will be sent without the missing products.

3. If the wrong product has been delivered to the consumer, or the product is defective, the consumer must immediately notify the shaman.fi online store customer service either by e-mail info(at)shaman.fi or by phone + 358 40 3699063 (weekdays at 09.00- 18.00).

4. SHAMAN (shaman.fi) is not responsible if the delivery of the order is prevented, hindered or delayed due to circumstances beyond SHAMAN® (shaman.fi) control, such as war, natural disasters, export or import bans, official decisions, public transport interruptions or other from similar activities that complicate or prevent the operation of the SHAMAN® (shaman.fi) online store.

5. The buyer is responsible for possible customs and other country-specific fees.

More detailed delivery conditions

1. Delivery time

The delivery time for our products for international orders is 5-10 working days. We always strive for the fastest possible delivery. We contact customers as soon as possible via email or phone if we notice that the delivery time is taking longer than normal. If the order runs out of products, the customer will be notified. If the customer cannot be reached during the same day, the order will be sent without the missing products.

2. Method of delivery

- Delivery via Suomen Posti to the Baltics, letter-sized shipment, no tracking, price €7.50

- Delivery via Suomen Posti to the Baltic countries, shipment in package size, price €15.50

- Via Suomen Posti, delivery to the Nordics and the EU region, letter-sized shipment, no tracking, price €7.50

- Via Suomen Posti, delivery to the Nordics and the EU region, letter-sized shipment, tracking number, price €24.00

- DHL (EU) package size 33 x 18 x 10 cm - Max 1.5 kg, price €64.00

- DHL (rest of Europe) package size 33 x 18 x 10 cm - Max 1.5 kg €76.00

- After ordering, you will receive an order confirmation in your e-mail. You will receive a new email when the shipment has a tracking number, if you have selected a shipment with a tracking number.

Delivery costs include postage and packaging costs.

3. Terms and payment methods

Payment service provider

Paytrail Oyj (2122839-7) operates as a provider of payment intermediaries and in cooperation with Finnish banks and credit institutions. Paytrail Oyj stands as the recipient of the payment on the account statement or card invoice and forwards the payment to the merchant. Paytrail Oyj has a payment institution license. In case of complaints, we ask that you first contact the supplier of the product.

Paytrail Oyj, company number: 2122839-7

Innova 2

Lutakonaukio 7

40100 Jyväskylä

4. Right of return and product exchanges

The products have a full 14-day right of return. The returned product must be unused and unaltered.

We will return the money to your account within approximately 30 days after we receive the products and account information.

The return must be notified in advance via e-mail to info(at)shaman.fi or by phone to +358 40 3699063. NOTE! Simply not picking up the shipment is not a return of the shipment/cancellation of the transaction. You will receive separate instructions for product returns.

The same right of return applies to damaged products or if you have otherwise received an incorrect delivery. In that case, you do not have to pay shipping costs.

However, we ask you to state in your application:

Reason for return (if damaged or faulty product)

Subscriber identification information (name / order number)

Do you just want to return the product and get the money back in your account, or do you want us to send a similar product to replace the damaged or faulty product (and refund any difference).

To get the money back, we ask you to provide the account number.

5. Complaints

Please send all complaints related to the order or delivery within seven (7) days of receiving the order to: info@shaman.fi or call +358 40 3699063.

6. Cancel the order

The customer can cancel his order if the delivery has not taken place within a reasonable time. Cancellation of the order must be notified to info@shaman.fi or by calling +358 40 3699063. We usually notify our customers via email or phone if the delivery time deviates from normal. SHAMAN® (shaman.fi) reserves the right to cancel the order and return the money to the customer's account.

7. Contact information


Company ID: 1557469-9


Telephone +358 40 3699063 (weekdays from 17:00 to 20:00)

Note! Customer service answers meetings and technical questions about online shopping.

Product information is not given over the phone, if you have any questions about online store products, please contact our customer service via email.