SHAMAN® ELEMENTS jewelry set

The Elements series has been developed according to the elements of the book Go rin no sho written in 1645 by the invincible swordsman, samurai Miyamoto Musashi. Void has been left out, for obvious reasons.

EARTH - green quartz

WIND - white agate

FIRE - orange malachite

WATER - blue topaz

The length of the necklaces is about 47cm. Of course, the length of the jewelry can be changed if necessary. The jewelry has an elastic band, so it does not have a separate locking mechanism. Indicate in the additional information section of the order if you want the jewelry in a different length than the model in the picture.

The circumference of the bracelet shown in the picture is approx. 17cm. If you want the bracelet to fit snugly (but not tight), please state the exact wrist measurement. Measuring technique in the last picture. The measuring tape must not be tightened around the wrist too tightly.

So state the size you want in the comment field of the order.

The jewelry is made to order in Porvoo. It comes with a wooden box, on which you get the picture and/or text you want. Excellent gift idea!

See information about international shipments on a separate tab. 

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