This cream is intended to prevent chafing. Works great on the groin, butt, and armpits. If you have a long transition or sports performance ahead of you and you have a tendency to rub the above-mentioned points, you are in the right place. From here, 100% creation wounds to the machinery and the stress can begin.

Shea/shea butter is quite hard when taken out of the jar, but can warm up quickly in the hands and is easy to spread. Lapland's reindeer herders use potato flour for similar ailments, but the problem with potato flour is that it gets wet due to sweat and dries out. The same problem is with Talk and similar products.

So keep your equipment in order. Like our other products, this one is very competitively priced.

Package size: At least 60g of shea butter in a metal jar with a screw lid. Stays with you on the trip and the microplastic does not come off.

Country of origin: Ghana. Made and canned in Porvoo.

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9.90 €
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