This is damn great. "Special Edition" model, SHAMAN POISON!!

Polished to a matte surface, the green 8mm tiger-eye stonebeads literally glow in natural light. The whole is completed by a separate black steel bracelet. The steel bracelet is oval-shaped, just like the cross-section of your wrist, so the bracelet stays perfectly in place and does not rotate as it hurts. The bracelet is adjustable by opening or compressing it. The width of the bracelet is 6mm and the thickness is almost 2mm.

Three black steel skulls on two bracelets and an additional black steel bracelet. SHAMAN text and logo on the spacers and on the separate bracelet.

If you want the bracelet to fit snugly (but not tight), please state the exact wrist measurement. Measuring technique in the last picture. The measuring tape must not be tightened around the wrist too tightly.

So state the size you want in the comment field of the order.

In any case, we will be in contact with you when the jewelry manufacturing begins to ensure the desired fit.

The jewelry is made to order in Finland.

See information about international shipments on a separate tab. 

69.90 €
price incl. VAT excluding shipping cost