Scented candle, vanilla

Ecological soy wax candle in an aluminum box. The candle has a gentle vanilla scent. Size of the box with a lid: Height approx. 6cm and diameter 7.5cm. Weight approx. 200g.

Excellent gift idea.

Made in Porvoo.

Please note that these candles are so large that they must be sent as a parcel delivery!!

See information about international shipments on a separate tab. 

Candle safety

Reserve the initial fire extinguishing equipment for those approaching

Use a sturdy, non-flammable base or a candlestick under the candle

Do not keep the candle in sunlight or near any other heat source to prevent it from bending or melting

Place the candles safely.

Make sure that the flame does not reach the curtains etc. interior or decoration

Arrange the candles loosely. For example, heat candles placed too close together can create a common large flame and cause a fire

Do not move the burning candle or leave it burning alone. When you leave the room, put out the candles

Place the candles in a place where children or animals cannot reach. Keep lighters out of the reach of children. Do not leave children or animals alone in the same room with candles

Extinguish the candles preferably by suffocating them

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